Solar Power Plant

Techsowth Electrical Infra offers photovoltaic solar solutions for rooftop electricity generation, providing a modern and sustainable energy alternative.

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Solar Water Heater

Techsowth Electrical Infra offers state-of-the-art solar panels designed for street lighting and a variety of other applications, ensuring top-notch quality.

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Solar Street Light

We provide cutting-edge solar water heaters renowned for their exceptional efficiency and ease of operation.

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Solar Off Grid System

We offer a variety of solar lamps for environmentally friendly home lighting, ensuring pollution-free illumination.

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About Techsowth Electrical Infra

Techsowth Electrical Infra is an electrical services company established in January 2019. The company's mission is to provide technical, social, and growth-oriented solutions to its customers.

Techsowth prides itself on being a customer-centric company that not only offers the best technical services but also helps customers grow socially with them. The company's team consists of architects, engineers, designers, operational managers, sales executives, and expert field workers, including electricians and fabricators.

Techsowth offers a diverse portfolio of services, including captive solar power farms, off-grid and grid-tied solar energy systems for both domestic and commercial use, and solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, schools, hospitals, and government buildings. In addition to solar PV systems, the company also works on solar street lights, solar water heaters, solar home light systems, and manufacturing and repairing transformers, electrical maintenance work, and government tendering.

Techsowth has a vision to expand its services in the future to a wide range of electrical works and renewable energy solutions, ensuring that its customers receive all the necessary services under one roof.

Founded by Makarand Vivek Ayachit, Techsowth Electrical Infra is committed to providing innovative solutions that exceed customer expectations while promoting sustainable growth in the electrical sector.Regenerate res

  • Energize Your Life: Techsowth Electrical Infra – Leaders in Solar Energy Solutions.
  • Unleashing the Power of the Sun: Techsowth Electrical Infra's Solar Water Heaters.
  • Illuminate Your Space Sustainably: Techsowth Electrical Infra's Solar Home Lights Brighten the Future.
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In the dance of daylight, find the rhythm of sustainable power with solar energy solutions.

Techsowth Electrical Infra is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solar solutions that seamlessly blend technology, social impact, and sustainable growth for its customers.

Solar energy is rapidly gaining popularity as a clean, renewable, and sustainable source of power. There are several reasons why solar energy is becoming increasingly popular as a source of electricity. Firstly, solar energy is abundant and available everywhere on the planet, making it a highly accessible source of power. Secondly, solar energy is completely clean, releasing no harmful emissions or pollutants that can harm the environment. This makes it an excellent choice for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to the global effort to combat climate change.

PM Surya Ghar Yojana

PM Surya Ghar: Muft Bijli Yojana is a government scheme that aims to provide free electricity to households in Indi